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Boston Tea Party and Freedom Trail Tour

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One Day Tour: May-Oct 2016 & 2017

$75.00 per person

Package Includes

  • Boston Tea Party Ships and Museum
  • Freedom Trail With Character Guide
  • Lunch in Abigail`s Tea Room
  • Boston Tea Party Interactive Presentation
  • Afternoon Tea and Boston Cream Pie
  • All taxes and gratuities

Your group will have a personal “colonial character” guide you through the BOSTON TEA PARTY SHIPS & MUSEUM. The museum features full-scale replicas, artifacts and interactive elements. Meet “Sam Adams” and participate in the re-enactment of the destruction of the tea. Board a tall ship and marvel at one of only two known surviving tea crates. LUNCH today is at Abigail`s Tea Room. After lunch take the FREEDOM TRAIL TOUR and step into the past when you meet your CHARACTER GUIDE dressed in 18th century period costume, who will give you a walking tour or a colorful driving tour; whichever you prefer.

This afternoon relive the past as your HISTORIC BOSTONIAN (period character) livens up the day with the story of the actual BOSTON TEA PARTY. This is done at the opulent OMNI PARKER HOUSE hotel as an entertaining and historical, interactive skit where you will be asked to vote on what to do with the tea, learning the verbiage of the times and more! Of course you get delicious BOSTON CREAM PIE today with your tea or coffee!